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Filling in the Description Box

When you submit a ticket to us we ask you to describe the ticket to us. This is the most important element of your ticket and it often makes the difference in how much effort is involved in resolving the ticket. We can do much more to help you if the ticket is described in an accurate and meaningful manner when compared to tickets with little or no descriptive information. We kindly request that you describe as much detail as possible when completing this box.

Examples of useful information

  • What happened?
  • Is it repeatable?
  • Is it restricted to certain people or locations?
  • Are there any screenshots available?
  • Was there an error message? If so, what did it say?
  • Information pertaining to the hardware being used e.g. was it a laptop or a tablet?
  • Any useful operating system information e.g. Windows 7 or Windows 10

If we need further information on your ticket then we will need to contact you. 

The description box itself is a free-text box with a toolbar across the top. The meaning of the toolbar buttons is described in the table below.

Bold - this makes the font bold like this

Italic - this makes the font italic like this

Underline - this makes the font underlined like this

Unordered List -  also known as a bulleted list, it allows you to give us a list of things without specifying any particular order

Ordered List - also known as a numbered list, it automatically creates numbering and specifys the priority or sequence of the list

Font Colour - a colour picker is then shown which allows the selected text to be changed colour like this

Font Background Colour - a colour picker is shown which allows the background colour of the font to be changed like this

Insert Link - a dialogue box is then shown which allows a hyperlink to be built. The following information may be useful to you when building links:

  • URL - uniform resource locator; an address that points to something on the internet, e.g. https://www.navblue.aero
  • Text - the text that is displayed as an alternative to the URL. This text will then be made clickable like this
  • Email - if you want to make a link that upon being clicked will open the default email editor, eg. Microsoft Outlook. A valid email address will need to be specified along with the clickable text
  • Anchor - in exceedingly long descriptions, you can use the anchor link to create links within the description box itself

Insert Image - a dialogue box is then shown which allows you to drag image files of type .JPG, .PNG, .GIF and .TIFF into the description box. This can be extremely helpful to us and we recommend that you use a tool like the Windows Snipping Tool, Techsmith SnagIt, or even take a photo with your phone!

Remove Formatting  - any previously applied formatting is removed from the selected text

In addition to the description box, you can also upload any file that may help us in the diagnosis and resolution of your ticket. File sizes are limited to 20MB and you can select the file to attach to your ticket using this hyperlink below the description box. (The image below is shown for information purposes and is not clickable).

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