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Checking Ticket Status

Once you have created one or several tickets, you will want to check their statuses and updates.

To do so, go to any support portal:

In order to Check your tickets, you'll need to log into the support portal. You can either click on the Login button or directly click on Tickets

You may also type your ticket number in the main search field!

Once logged in, you will see your listed of unresolved tickets, or in the case you have SuperUser Rights, all the tickets from your company:

  1. On the right side, you will see the status that the ticket is on indicating whether we are awaiting response from you, investigating, or waiting for a new delivery for example.
  2. You'll be able to sort then by type of status; By default, it is set to Open or Pending. But you can choose All or Resolved or Closed
  3. You can sort according to condition as below, either ascending or descending:
  4. If you are part of several companies, you may filter by the Company 
  5. If you have SuperUser Rightsyou can filter by ticket creator of your company
  6. You may also Export a list of the ticket as CSV file and chose what information you want in the export. don't forgot to select the creation date range.

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